Welcome to ChelgateĀ Romania

Chelgate Romania Public Relations TeamChelgate is an independent public relations firm based in central Bucharest. Our office is a country leader in Romanian public relations and public affairs, and acts as our hub for all our Central and Eastern European operations. We offer a comprehensive PR service, ranging from media relations to branding and strategic positioning, alongside our first-rate government relations capability and crisis management services.

Our clients are diverse, and they come from across Europe and the Americas. In particular, working with our London headquarters, we pride ourselves on assisting those companies moving from English-speaking countriesĀ into Romania. With the global experience of our London office, and the local expertise of its Romanian counterpart, we help companies to market themselves successfully in a new, unfamiliar marketplace.

Operating since 2006, Chelgate Romania delivers some of the most demanding, complex Romanian public relationsĀ programmes. From the European Commission to Vodafone to the Romanian Banking Association, we have delivered, and continue to deliver, high quality programmes to foreign and domestic clients.

All of our Romanian staff speak fluent English, and many have rich backgrounds in professional communications roles or in government.