EU Relations

_MG_4680Chelgate Romania has strong ties to the European Union, both in Bucharest and in Brussels. Senior members of Chelgate’s staff have been working with the European Union – formerly the EEC – for over thirty years. Their understanding of its institutions and processes are second-to-none.

Through our Brussels office, our small team of well-connected executives are able to introduce clients to the network of organisations that form the EU. Led by Nick Wood-Dow, Chelgate’s deputy chairman, our office in Brussels acts as an on-the-ground link between clients and the EU: through it, our clients can organise meetings, attend key political forums and Parliamentary sessions, and make contact with other like-minded business people from across Europe to coordinate their efforts.

In Romania itself, Chelgate has worked for the Commission and the Parliament since we were established in Romania in 2006, and works on EU affairs for other private and public sector clients. By working for the EU as a client, we have won insights into the Union’s priorities and working practices in Romania and beyond, offering us a closer understanding of European government than any other PR or public affairs firm in Romania.

The importance of Europebuc 27

We help our clients to understand how the EU can help (or hamstring) their projects, and we connect our clients with key agencies or individuals in the EU that have a say in policy decisions affecting their particular industry or sector. These might include Commissioners, EU Parliamentarians, executive agencies, members of a given “cabinet” (pronounced as in French, “cab-in-ay”), or EU officials.

Many companies find the process of engaging with Europe to be confusing, and the bureaucratic architecture of the Union can seem inaccessible. But the EU offers companies real opportunities. Its institutions, funds, grants and decision-makers can be financially important to both large and small firms. Its legislation is far-reaching, affecting a wide array of issues from banking regulation to health and safety standards. In many areas of policy, and especially in new member states, engaging with the process of drafting European legislation can be more important than engaging at the national level.

With a proper understanding of their roles and remits, European politicians and officials can be approachable and very willing to discuss, campaign and legislate for change – or, indeed, in favour of the status quo. Chelgate gives its clients the tools to exert proper influence over European decision-making processes, to understand what European policy means for them, and to hear what EU policymakers are thinking before their competitors do.