Managing your Brexit Crisis, Terence Fane-Saunders

Brexit is not a seven day crisis; nor even seven week or seven month. In fact, in a long career of crisis management, I have never seen its like. Yes, of course, there are immediate issues to be addressed.  In an utterly changed landscape, issues of confidence have suddenly been unleashed.  Previously solid, secure, safe […]

Secretary of State speaks at Romania Conference

The Romanian Secretary of State for the Economy, Claudiu Vrinceanu, was the keynote speaker at the Doing Business in Romania Conference last Wednesday (February 3). He was joined by the newly appointed adviser to the Deputy Prime Minister, Viorel Ciocoiu, and Matteo Patrone, Director, of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, to give an […]

Spears Index Top Ten Reputation Managers

Chelgate Chairman, Terence Fane-Saunders has again been listed as one of the Top Ten Reputation Managers in the profession in the January/ February edition of the Spears Index. Spears is the “house magazine” for Ultra-High-Net- Worth Individuals , with a readership whose average assets exceed £5 million. Fane-Saunders, whom the Index rates as “Outstanding in […]

Postcard from Romania

PR is slowly emerging from under the ad agency shadow in Romania, as brands begin to invest in a growing local economy, says Mirela Meita, general manager of Chelgate Romania’s Bucharest office I have never known the PR industry to be as vibrant as it is today. Romania has become remarkably well-populated by PR firms. […]

Romanian PR in 2014

This interview, with an introduction, was printed by the UKTI magazine Global Trader in 2014. — Recent headlines in the UK media have raised fears of an ‘invasion’ of people from Romania and Bulgaria, following the relaxation of EU immigration rules at the beginning of 2014. But what about the movement the other way –of […]

A brief history of public relations in Romania

The press release Since 1989, public relations has grown relatively slowly in Romania. In the beginning, as in many developing markets, PR consisted almost entirely of issuing press releases for firms, government departments, or NGOs – charities, for instance. When Chelgate entered the market in 2006, 17 years after the start of liberalisation, it was […]

How we work

Local knowledge All of our Romanian team are Romanians themselves, and all speak fluent English. As our staff profiles show, we place a high value on having a team drawn from diverse professional backgrounds. Sometimes, however, when an outsider wants to understand the nuances of the Romanian market, local knowledge is not enough – a […]

Making the move to Romania

Working with partners Many firms, from retailers like Debenhams to financial service providers like RBS, have failed to crack the Romanian market. In 2012, the US Commercial Service wrote – in its introduction to Romania as a commercial destination – that it is “extremely difficult” for foreign exporters to overcome market risks “without an effective […]

Introducing Bucharest

Modern Eastern Europe At the start of the 20th century, Bucharest was often called Little Paris. Like other parts of Romania and Eastern Europe, it was rich in medieval and 19th century architecture. But under German occupation from 1940, and under Soviet occupation from 1945 to 1989, much of this architectural heritage was destroyed. It […]