Media Relations


Chelgate Romania offers an experienced, bilingual Romanian team. Our staff has a wealth of experience in media relations, and we offer our clients advice and services based on our deep understanding of the Romanian media, both electronic and traditional.

Our team comprises former journalists, political communicators, social media experts, and experienced editorial content producers. The team leads the Romanian market in producing first class editorial materials on a broad range of subjects, and has a wide network of contacts in the Romanian national and local press.

We know the character of individual Romanian publications and outlets, from the technocratic, business-focused Ziarul Financiar to the political, sometimes controversial Adevarul. We monitor Romanian online trends closely, and have strong connections in the Bucharest advertising industry.

Media relations for English-speaking clients

Most clients entering the Romanian market will enter without existing media networks. Chelgate provides this network to its clients. As well as contacts in the broadcast media, Chelgate has relationships among outlets in the print and web-based media.

Chelgate both communicates for its clients and creates opportunities for clients to communicate directly with English-speaking journalists. We put our clients in a position to relate their stories, about their products and services, to their audiences directly. When doing so, we ensure our clients understand their target audiences, the medium, and the impact their messages are likely to have.

In all of our work, we hold ourselves to strict ethical standards. We do not pay for editorial content, and ensure that journalists receive only true information about our clients. We cultivate relationships with the press that are based on trust, and on the strength of our past behaviour.