Moving to Romania

_MG_4682“Romania is a market with tremendous potential, a strategic location, and a business environment that offers opportunities amidst some risks. To successfully seize the business opportunities while reducing those risks requires a careful evaluation of the market, patience and commitment. It is extremely difficult for U.S. exporters to accomplish this without an effective and qualified local partner.” – The US Commercial Service, 2011.

Establishing a presence in Eastern Europe is challenging. Chelgate’s “Moving to Romania” package is designed to provide Western European and American firms with a set of vital services needed when setting up in Romania. The package is tailored to the needs of a given client’s specific requirements.

Aspects of our Entering Romania package include:

  • Preparing the market. Chelgate can launch publicity in advance of a client’s arrival in Romania, allowing the client to raise its public profile – through the media, through direct marketing, through public events – without prematurely taking on the costs of running an office.
  • Building a network of partners. We introduce clients, electronically and in person, to a variety of carefully-selected partners – from suppliers to lawyers to trade advisors – who can support businesses during and after a transition into Romania. With our existing networks of experienced and expert partners, we can put you in touch with the trustworthy professionals most familiar with the demanding challenges that Western companies face when moving into Eastern Europe.
  • Organising a successful launch. When a business opens its doors, it is vital that it launch with positive publicity, tailored to the level, targets and volume that is appropriate to its business. Chelgate has the media relations skills and the network of press contacts needed to ensure that a firm’s first days in Romania are covered by a wide range of broadcast and print media – and, working with the client, we make sure that the strengths and assets of a company, product or service get the positive press they deserve.
  • Reaching out to government. As a company becomes more established, it may find various reasons to create links with government. Whether it wants to put its case to legislators or have an input on a regulatory reform affecting its industry, we provide clients with the public affairs expertise that will let them maximise their impact within government. Chelgate has the market knowledge to help our clients conduct their government relations work in a fashion that meets international legal and ethical standards, and that is targeted to the client’s business aims in Romania.
  • Managing communications as your business grows. In good times and in crisis, all firms must manage their outward-facing communications professionally – many must also manage internal stakeholder communications too. Regardless of a firm’s size (our clients range from schools to blue-chip companies), we are equipped to handle the relationships it may want to develop, repair or maintain: our experience in Romania, combined with our long years of work with major multinationals, allows us to understand our clients’ needs and how they can best be served in the Romanian context.

Our “Moving to Romania” package can be supplemented by any of the additional services we provide, from media training to political briefings. In discussion with Chelgate, the scale and contents of the package can be agreed and priced – we strongly recommend that potential clients contact us three to four months in advance of a move, to ensure that we can deliver the most thorough and well-prepared programme possible.