Corporate Communications

Chelgate provides counsel and practical corporate communications assistance to large organisations.

Since Chelgate was founded in London in 1988, and since Chelgate Romania was founded in 2006, both offices have handled complex contracts for companies and governmental bodies communicating to diverse audiences.Ā _MG_4683

We offer a broad range of services. At one end of a spectrum, we deliver highly specific corporate communication programmes according to a pre-agreed specification from the client. At the other, we provide advice as and when required to our clients’Ā senior leadership teams, taking on a highly flexible role that includes both giving counsel, handling communications on the client’s behalf, and advising on a range of corporate decisions affecting the client’s reputation that are beyond the purview of most public relations firms.

OnĀ all of our corporate accounts,Ā we offer a relatively top-heavy service, and avoid inappropriateĀ delegation of important work to junior staff.Ā Our programmes are tailored in price to match the client’s ambitions and resources, and we stay in close contact with the client to ensure that our work continues to add value to their own internal communications team.