Partners and links

A variety of services exist to support companies moving into Romania, especially those making a move to Romania from the United Kingdom.

The British Embassy in Bucharest

The British Embassy works with UKTI (see below) to provide commercial support to British businesses, alongside its main functions of providing consular assistance to British citizens in Romania and taking responsibility for day-to-day diplomatic relations between the UK and Romania. The Embassy is active on social media, and the commercial team can be reached by email.

The British Romanian Chamber of Commerce

The BRCC supports businesses from Romania and the UK as they move, grow or trade from one country to the other. The BRCC has offices in London and Bucharest, and provides a programme of events to its members. The BRCC provides a more active programme in Bucharest than in London, but UK events still provide a useful forum for networking and learning about the pitfalls and hazards of the Romanian marketplace.

UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) Romania

UKTI is the British Government’s trade promotion agency, with representatives in foreign markets across the world. UKTI Romania works closely with the British Embassy in Bucharest, and provides a mixture of free and chargable services to British companies seeking advice and support as they expand from the UK into Romania.


The International Chamber of Commerce (World Business Organization) in Romania is a branch of the ICC, an umbrella organisation for chambers of commerce across the world. The local Romanian branch’s website can be found separately at

Regional Chambers of Commerce in the UK

Chambers of Commerce across the UK have developed their own, local connections with Romania, and can sometimes provide valuable connections with Romanian government, businesses and other organisations.

The Embassy of Romania in London

Though mainly interested in supporting Romanian citizens and businesses operating in the UK, the Embassy also supports British businesses that are expanding into Romania. The Embassy’s Minister Counsellor for International Trade and Development, Manuel Donescu (formerly a Minister in the Romanian government), is particularly interested in speaking with British businesses.