About Chelgate Romania

Leaders in Romanian public relations

In 2006, Chelgate Romania opened its office Bucharest, and in the same year we won our first major contract, working for the European Commission. Sine 2006, Chelgate Romania has expanded its operations across Romania and Eastern Europe, and works for a broad range of clients on diverse PR and public affairs assignments.

Chelgate is a member of the British Romanian Chamber of Commerce

Chelgate is a member of the British Romanian Chamber of Commerce

During our nine years in Romania, we have held our position as one of the country’s leading PR and public affairs agencies, and undoubtedly as Romania’s strongest foreign-owned consultancy. We offer an international gold standard in programme design, delivery and accountability, and hold ourselves to the strictest ethical standards. We combine these standards with genuine local knowledge – of government, of the local and national press, of industry networks and EU-related opportunities, including grants and awards.

From the beginning, our office has been led by our Director General Dr Mirela Meita. Prior to joining Chelgate, Mirela was an adviser in the foreign affairs department in Romania’s Chamber of Deputies for three years, and earlier headed the office of the Chamber’s President for four years. Mirela has a degree in medical biology, a research PhD in cellular oncology at the University of Bucharest, and has also worked as an assistant professor of cellular biology and histology. She holds an MA in public relations from the National School of Political Studies, Bucharest, an MBA from the University of Bucharest, and a postgraduate qualification in diplomacy from the University of Westminster, in London.

DSC_0230Chelgate’s commitment

Chelgate’s success has been founded on a specific commitment: to provide compelling, cost-effective, accountable public relations and public affairs services at the highest professional standard, appropriate to the needs of each client.

This commitment is not an empty slogan. The company’s dynamics and business systems are built around it. For example, the pyramid management structure typical of most PR firms has been turned on its head. At Chelgate there are no long lines of management delegation, no half-trained juniors learning the business at clients’ expense.

The result, quite simply, is better client service.