Crisis Communications

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Chelgate has advised some of the world’s best-known corporate names, as well as a range of governmental bodies, on their acute issue and crisis communications.

Led jointly by Chelgate’s Chairman and Chief Executive, Terence Fane-Saunders, and Chelgate Romania’s General Manager, Mirela Meita, our Romanian crisis team provides high level, discreet and effective crisis support on both a domestic and international scale. We also work with clients to prepare, test and practise relevant and realistic contingency plans before a crisis arises, or before a threatening issue becomes a crisis.

The firm has built an outstanding reputation for its work in acute issues and crisis management, often dealing with exceptionally sensitive and challenging issues. Our discreet and low key approach to issues management, backed by a weight of experience, has often proven central to the resolution of situations which otherwise might have posed significant threats to our clients.

Our Services

We provide a range of crisis services to our clients, some of which are designed to prepare them for crises, and some of which are designed to assist clients already handling a crisis.


11-DSC_0015We offer several preparatory services. Our most frequent service is to audit a company’s readiness for crisis. We assess an organisation’s readiness for a crisis, and report back on what we find. This is an in-depth analysis of how well the client is prepared.

Chelgate can be engaged to support a client as it improves its crisis readiness, sometimes following a crisis audit. Chelgate’s experienced crisis professionals work with clients to create robust, bespoke crisis response plans suited to each organisation’s specific culture and needs. In most cases, the delivery of this process will be accompanied by the development of a handbook or manual to help guide current and future crisis team members through the stages of any acute issue or crisis.

As part of the preparation and training process, Chelgate also develops and implements a range of scenario exercises to test and practice the organisation’s crisis procedures and systems. At the end of each scenario exercise, Chelgate meets with senior client management and presents a written report for discussion, summarising the exercise, identifying any weaknesses that had become apparent and offering constructive advice for future improvement.

Urgent assistance


Chelgate provides urgent crisis management assistance, without notice, 24 hours a day. If a crisis arises from a sudden or traumatic event, decisions made, positions adopted and statements given immediately following the event will shape the entire outcome of the crisis. Where needed, Chelgate can go to work immediately, whether providing strategic advice or offering logistical and operational support.

Primarily, we provide counsel and advice during a crisis. Access to specialist, strategic crisis counsel can be a critical factor for any client thrown into the new and unfamiliar context of a crisis. Chelgate’s senior management team offer a great wealth of crisis management expertise and experience, and are available seven days a week to clients facing the challenge of an acute issue or crisis.

In addition, Chelgate provides a range of operational and logistical support services to enable a client to mount an effective and urgent response to any crisis situation. As needed, these services can include editorial services ranging from development and delivery of media statements to fielding of press calls and, where appropriate, acting as spokespeople for the client. We can also edit website copy, draft messages to key stakeholders, or amend written guidance, relieving pressure on the client. Clients can pick and choose between the services they do and do not require.