Alina Burcă

Events coordinator

I joined Chelgate two years ago, to do what I love most: organizing events.

I have significant experience in marketing, communications, copyright and events: I’ve managed over 300 concerts, congresses, conferences and other events for various institutions, ministries, municipalities, chambers of commerce and industry. Clients have included Romanian Television, the Romanian Radio Society, cultural institutions and multinational companies.

For four years before Chelgate, I worked as a representative in Romania for one of the largest photo-banks in the world, Getty Images, where I was involved in sales, copyright and contracting.

Two hobbies have changed my life, and I grow more enthusiastic about them every year: music (I’m a member of the Acoustic Choir) and painting. I also love to write.

I graduated from the Faculty of International Economic Relations (ASE) and have a master’s in international affairs from the Faculty of International Economic Relations. I also hold a certificate for organizing performances.