Claudia Oprescu

Account manager

I joined Chelgate in September 2010, and since then I have been involved in events management, and in handling campaigns for the European Commission. I have coordinated a nation-wide school visit campaign for the Commission, have moderated debates within a national information campaign, and have run nation-wide college campaigns to advertise the idea of “Europe as our Home”. In addition, I produce materials on economic and social issues for the monthly printed newsletter of the European Commission.

Before joining Chelgate, I worked as a media events coordinator in Bucharest, and acted as the editor of a local newspaper in Pitesti. In addition to this journalistic and media events experience, I have been involved in various European projects.

PR offers daily challenges, and the opportunity to improve myself constantly. I enjoy reading books relating to the field, attending conferences and trainings, and I put an emphasis on my professional development: the field is evolving, and we have to learn constantly in order to continue leading the market. I’m convinced that it’s essential to love what you do.

I am passionate about reading, walking, photography, travel and meeting new people. I enjoy visiting the theatre, listening to old music, and I firmly believe that happiness is made up of little things.