Beatrice Cristina Ivănescu

Account executive

I have almost four years’ experience in communication, gained in projects for the European Commission, on technical assistance at conferences and media events, and communicating for European Union publicity projects in Romania (including campaigns and events like Europe Day, Children’s Day, 1st of March, the Europe Day Contest Design,Foreign Language Day, the Circus Campaign, the European Reporter competition, the competition for students, Europe of Journalists in Amphitheaters, and the Economic Governance communication campaign) and projects for the European Parliament in Romania.

I hold a BA in psychology, and a postgraduate degree in communications techniques and psychosocial influence at Titu Maiorescu University in Bucharest. Since college, I have maintained a strong interest in mass advertising techniques and was actively involved in advertising campaigns and presentations at Titu University. I finished an internship in psychology, which helped me to improve my social skills by networking with various social groups.

I am an optimist, I enjoy spending time with friends, and I love travelling. I have practised shooting for 10 years, and hold the title of national individual and team champion.