Mirela Meita

Director General of Chelgate Romaniamirela

I have worked in communications for over six years, and come to the office every day with the same pleasure as I had on my first day. For me this is unusual: before joining Chelgate I changed job every few years because I couldn’t find the challenges that I needed. So, after graduating from the Faculty of Biology, I began a teaching career in cell biology and histology, while completing a doctorate.

After this experience, I worked as director of the Office of the President of the Chamber of Deputies for four years, during which time I gained a deep understanding of how legislative and political processes really work in Romania. Subsequently I became a counsellor in the Department of External Relations of the Chamber of Deputies, where I was responsible for the relationship between the Chamber and its counterparts in Russia, Iran, Norway, Sweden and Finland. In addition, I obtained a master’s in communication, and then studied an MBA graduate course at the Diplomatic Academy of London, part of the University of Westminster.

I started working with Chelgate while in London, and since then have managed dozens of projects covering all areas of communication, including information campaigns, events management, government relations programmes, crisis management and reputation management.

When I’m not working with Chelgate, I’ll be with my family, friends or enjoying interior design, art and relaxing with a Woody Allen movie.