Nick Wood-Dow

Deputy ChairmanOptimized-Nick

Nick Wood-Dow came to Chelgate just months after its foundation with a broad experience of public relations, public affairs, and government relations across a variety of sectors, ranging from trade associations to a beer company, from food and health to a high profile local council.

A specialist in political affairs, he has special responsibility at Chelgate for local and national government relations, and has practical experience of politics at every level. He also has a particular expertise in environmental matters. He is deputy chairman of the Environment Council, and founder/chairman of the Tory Green Initiative. Nick has established Chelgate Environment as a business division of the company, and advises national and international organisations on air, water, land, pollution, waste; and planning matters.

Nick plays an advisory role in Chelgate Romania’s business, providing valuable guidance to our Romanian clients as they interact with the UK and, more regularly, with Brussels. Nick was a parliamentary candidate in Bolton South-East in the 1992 general election, and he earlier served as public relations adviser to the European Democratic Group of MEPs in Strasbourg.

A former managing director of a London PR firm, Nick is a former associate director at Burson-Marsteller, where he worked closely with Chelgate chairman, Terence Fane-Saunders.