Nicoleta Nuţă

Account executive

I recently joined the Chelgate team because I wanted to see what public relations is all about, beyond faculty or theoretical knowledge. Although I started with a degree in international relations and European studies, I continued with a public relations master’s programme and a scholarship in Spain, Cataluña, in public relations.

I started working at Chelgate in September 2012, and since then I have been involved in the economic governance communication campaign for the European Commission representation in Romania. I participated in organizing and offering assistance in communication projects for the European Parliament in Romania, such as the“Citizen Forum” debates and a photo-journalism competition.

I am an active, energetic person and I like to get involved in charity work and volunteering. I enjoy working with people dedicated to a cause, and through my charity work at Ovidiu Rom I’ve learned what it means to be a volunteer, where I participated in after-school activities for the integration of Roma children in Romanian society. I also helped as a volunteer in organizing an event for children with Downs syndrome, “The Music of Fulfilled Wishes”, with the support of the European Centre for the Rights of Children with Disabilities (CEDCD).

Bicycling, old movies and good music are my favourite refuges when I want to disconnect myself from everything. Also, Spanish literature and Almodovar’s movies are my latest passions.